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Highlands and Crosby Area Are You Living Your Fullest Potential?

Posted: December 7, 2016
By: Dr. Robert Rosenbaum

If your personal journey of health and well-being was a story that lasted 100 healthy years or more, who would be the hero of this story? Who would be the villain if you did not live these quality years and instead lived a deteriorating life to 60 or 70? Understanding the hero and the villain will help you make choices that ensure that you and your loved ones live an active, healthy life and express your full potential throughout your lifetime. 

The hero of this story is your Innate Intelligence. Your body has within it an Innate Intelligence that, from the moment of conception, strives to keep you functioning at your best. From the moment you were conceived, one cell grew into over eighty quadrillion cells without any direction from a doctor, drug, or research. 

Your brain and spinal cord were placed in protective casings of bone for safety as they are the most important systems in your body. Your heart was placed in the center of your chest, an efficient location to distribute oxygen, nutrients and waste products to their proper locations with great efficiency. 

Your Innate Intelligence knew how tall you were going to be before you were born and was equipped with the resources to digest your food and adapt you to your environment. As long as your Innate Intelligence is free to express itself, then you would have a great chance of expressing your full potential for eighty, ninety, a hundred years and beyond. 

The villain in this story is anything that interferes with the expression of your Innate Intelligence. 

Nerve interference or lifestyle interference can reduce your body’s innate ability to communicate or regulate itself. It is very common during the birth process for a baby’s spine to be injured, especially in the upper neck, which can reduce nerve transmission over the spinal cord and nervous system. This type of nerve interference can result in immediate symptoms like colic, constipation, diarrhea, allergies or other problems or it may lie dormant for decades until your body can no longer adapt. 

Nerve interference can occur during childhood through sports injuries, childhood falls and poor nutrition, again, causing numerous symptoms or lying dormant and asymptomatic for decades. Car accidents, falling down the stairs, weight gains or losses and emotional stress are just some of the additional causes of nerve interference. 

Lifestyle interference can also alter the expression of your body’s Innate Intelligence and resulting in nerve interference, sickness and disease. Lifestyle interference includes poor diet, being overweight, eating excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine, taking drugs, poor posture and stress. Interference is the villain of this story, your story, because it robs your body and mind of your true innate potential. 

A chiropractor delivering the message of The 100 Year Lifestyle will do everything they can to nurture your hero and eliminate this villain from your life, and keep it out of your life for the rest of your life, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the quality of life you deserve. By nurturing your Innate Intelligence and expressing your full potential and you will enjoy health for a lifetime. Give us a call today if you are in the Crosby, Highlands or surrounding areas so Dr. Rosenbaum can get you on your path to wellness! 

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