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Welcome to Crosby Chiropractic Center, your Crosby, TX chiropractor, and thank you for visiting our website. It is our hope that the following pages can be of assistance!

Chiropractic Services

Whether you are a current or future chiropractic patient, our chiropractic services are designed to empower you to reach your personal and professional goals through chiropractic wellness. We offer Crosby and surrounding area residents excellent health through chiropractic! Our services are designed to not only help alleviate neck and back pain, but deliver overall wellness by unlocking and unleashing your body's natural ability to heal and perform at it's most optimal state.

Alleviate Symptoms Through Total Wellness

  • migraine headaches
  • chronic back pain
  • bulging/herniated disc
  • dizziness/vertigo
  • shoulder/arm pain
  • golfer's/tennis elbow
  • hip/leg pain
  • knee problems
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • degenerative disc disease
  • scoliosis
  • arthritis
  • rotator cuff pain
  • numbness
  • TMJ issues
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue
  • sciatica
  • restless sleep due to pain
  • and more

Please take advantage of all the information provided and contact us at 281-328-5544 if we can offer specific information suited to your healthcare needs. Remember, we are here because CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!

But don't just take our word for it, be sure to read our patient testimonials!


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Facebook Reviews

 Joe Ganakos  recommends Crosby Chiropractic Center.

September 21,2021 · 

Great customer service from all the staff and Dr. Thornton is efficient and effective with adjustments and recommendations for home therapy. They are highly recommended.


 Eileen Unger  recommends Crosby Chiropractic Center.

December 21, 2020 · 

Chiropractic has always been my go to for anything. I would have a hard time managing my aging bones without it. I try to get there once a month to maintain rather than only go when I hurt. Dr Chad fixes me up every time. All the staff are great to work with. They treat you like a friend and not a numbered patient. I also like the fact that I don’t have to make an appointment. I just walk in, scan my card and wait for the next available table.


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Hockey Player Forced to Retire Due to Spinal Problems Able to Play Again with Chiropractic
The Journal of Physical Therapy Science published the results of a case study in their January 2021 issue that documented the case of a man who was forced to retire from playing ice hockey due to a spinal problem known as spondylolisthesis. After chiropractic care, the man was once again able to resume . . .
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Cough-Variant Asthma Helped by Chiropractic
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Migraines Helped with Chiropractic Care
Published in the volume 3 issue of the 2020 Journal of Contemporary Chiropractic are the results of a case study showing the resolution of migraine headaches in a chiropractic patient who had previously had Harrington rods surgically implanted into her spine. . . .
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Brachial Plexus Injury Helped by Chiropractic in a 5-Month-Old Baby
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