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Lynndsay Roane Facebook Review of Crosby Chiropractic CenterJoe Ganakos  recommends Crosby Chiropractic Center 5 Star Chiropractic Review 

Great customer service from all the staff and Dr. Thornton is efficient and effective with adjustments and recommendations for home therapy. They are highly recommended.

21 September 2021


Lynndsay Roane Facebook Review of Crosby Chiropractic CenterEileen Unger recommends Crosby Chiropractic Center 5 Star Chiropractic Review 

Chiropractic has always been my go to for anything. I would have a hard time managing my aging bones without it. I try to get there once a month to maintain rather than only go when I hurt. Dr Chad fixes me up every time. All the staff are great to work with. They treat you like a friend and not a numbered patient. I also like the fact that I don’t have to make an appointment. I just walk in, scan my card and wait for the next available table.​​​​​                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

21 December 2020​​

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Photo of Taylor H. Taylor H.        

Dr Chad Thornton was wonderful! I got in a car accident and he was so careful with my treatment and care getting me back to my normal activity levels! He's careful in his adjusting, asks what your pain level is each time you go in, and makes sure he's focusing on you when you're his patient in the room. My recovery wouldn't have been the same without him and Crosby Chiro!!​​                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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 Kristin Tauber     

Wonderful place! Loved my experience with Crosby Chiropractic. They are so helpful, professional and really understood my need for treatment. They gave a well informed explanation of why I was having trouble and an immediate plan of action for treatment. I love the policy of not having to schedule an appointment after your first two visits. It gives you the flexibility of coming in at a time that fits you schedule and opportunity to be flexible. Highly recommend and I know you will be in great hands!

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