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Chiropractic Care Services

Our Chiropractic Care Services Offered

Crosby Chiropractic Center is a facility known for its cutting edge technology, personalized approach to care, wide range of amazing Chiropractic techniques, quality professional service, and general family atmosphere.

Spinal Adjustments for the Entire Family

Whether you're a newborn or elderly great-grandparent we have a technique specifically suited for you. We treat infants, growing children, athletic teenagers, pregnant women, various teachers, plant workers, and even retired seniors. We effectively combine traditional manual techniques with advanced instrumentation to deliver the best adjustment possible to each individual patient according to his or her needs. We customize the spinal correction needed with innovative researched-backed techniques, restoring health to each patient as best we're able. Recent technology has allowed our office to provide our patients with unparalleled expertise. Specifically, Dr Chad Thornton is one of the only chiropractors in the Houston area and surrounding regions to utilize the Impulse IQ computer-assisted adjusting instrument. This cutting-edge technique is both gentle and effective at mobilizing joints and stimulating muscle trigger points in the affected areas of pain and discomfort, thereby bringing ease and functionality back into the whole spine and various extremities.

Herniated Disc Therapy

We have three Flexion/Distraction tables used primarily for bulging, herniated and degenerative discs. This is a controlled manual method Crosby Chiropractic Center has been very effectively using for over 40 years to provide lower back relief.

Certified Extremity Adjusting

Dr Chad Thornton is certified in extremity adjusting. This type of manual manipulative care can be extremely effective in the treatment of shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist, hand, hip, leg, knee, ankle, foot, rib, and TMJ issues.

On-Site Computed Radiology Digital X-ray

Our office uses one of the most advanced and safest form of X-ray imaging.The advantages in using computed digital X-rays are: less exposure is needed, no smelly chemicals, higher quality images, immediate image preview, and we have the capability to allow our patients to have a convenient copy of their X-rays on either a cd or thumbdrive to personally keep. You can rest assured that we have and will continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Physical Rehab and Therapy Modalities

We have developed a Progressive Physical Rehab Protocol that will help you recover faster and prevent future pain and disability. With this program we have various Physical Modalities that will help reduce swelling and inflammation while relaxing your muscles without the side effects of medications. We utilized ultrasound therapy, percussive massage, and cold laser therapy to bring each patient from passive care into active care.

Corrective Exercises

We teach our patients particular focused stretches and special exercises that strengthen and correct their muscle and skeletal problems. They are convenient because they can be performed in the privacy of your own home and at your time schedule. In addition to spinal misalignments, tissues and muscles can be strained or compromised over the years. These specific stretches and exercises can help correct them and aid in your body's recovery.

Massage Therapy

Our office is fortunate to had have great on-site Massage Therapists in the past and we look forward to doing so again moving forward in the near future. When massage is utilized in conjunction with your chiropractic care it synergistically gets patients better faster. Until we can again provide in-house specifically-catered massage services, we are referring out to several wonderful massage therapists we work with in the area who are happy to take great care of our patients.

Nutritional Counseling

Ask us about our how we can help with your potential vitamin deficiencies. Do you know which vitamins and supplements are best for you? Let us help you and make it less confusing.

More and more people are realizing the benefits of seeking out chiropractic care as an alternative to drugs and surgery--one that will help them achieve their individual health goals and reach optimal health. At Crosby Chiropractic Center, our entire staff is trained to focus on your needs that will help you leave our office with a better quality of life.