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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Chad Thornton (Owner, Lead Chiropractor)

Dr. Chad has been working at our clinic since April, 2011. A long-time associate for Dr. Rob Rosenbaum, the original founder of Crosby Chiropractic Center, he took over full-time upon Dr. Rob's retirement at the end of 2019. Prior to 2011, Dr. Chad worked at several successful clinics in the Greater Houston area, gleaning experience and gaining an appreciation for various styles and techniques in order to bring the very best to Crosby, TX. After obtaining two Associates Degrees and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 2006. Having been in Mu Alpha Theta (undergrad honor society) and continuing into Omega Psi (graduate honor society), Dr. Chad always worked to stay at the top of his class, asking the right questions to his professors then so that he'd have the right answers for his patients now.

Dr. Chad comes from a large family full of Chiropractors and is a devout Christian. He is also somewhat of a "technology geek" and loves his Apple products and gaming time. But above all, he cherishes spending quality time with his lovely wife, Shannon, and their three children. (And he is always receptive to any words of wisdom and advice from our more experienced patients that have had rich marriages and families themselves!)

Dr. Chad has also obtained an advanced certification in extremity adjusting. This enables him to better help patients in turn with their pain and issues involving the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. We are grateful to have Dr. Chad serving us in in Crosby, TX, and the surrounding areas!


Dr. Grace Shiach (Associate Chiropractor)

Dr. Grace is a Crosby native. She also worked as a therapist assistant in our clinic years ago! A recent graduate of Life University in Georgia, she’s now back and dedicated to helping create healthy generations, starting right here in Crosby. Specifically, she has a huge heart for moms and mommas-to-be, as well as for caring for kids of all ages. As a mom, herself, to an amazing 4 year old, Dr. Grace knows first hand some of the challenges they face. In addition to her extensive chiropractic training, she is in the process of obtaining a special certification in perinatal care. This means Dr. Grace is actively achieving and finessing the skills necessary to provide exceptional care to pregnant women and their needs before and even after birth and all the kids that follow.


Meet the Staff

Front Desk: Karin Coleman

Karin has been with us since December 2017.  Karin is the first person you see as you walk through the door.  With enthusiasm and generally happy demeanor, she will help you get started on your chiropractic experience in our office. If she rubs you the wrong way initially, its probably only because she doesn't know you well enough yet; she's old school and just tells it like it is. But she truly does care about our patients. She is excited to be part of our family here at Crosby Chiropractic Center.  Every day is a new day for her to learn more and see the miracles of what chiropractic can do in our patients' lives.

Karin was born and raised in the Air Force living in Maine, New Hampshire, Spain, North Carolina, Missouri and a number of cities in Texas. Her employment history has been mostly in newspaper publication throughout the years, lastly with Hearst Corporation in editing and sales. 

Interests are American art pottery, old home renovation, cooking (French and Italian), architecture, and travel. But her greatest joys are her sons, who have both brought much happiness in her life.


Therapy Assistant & X-Ray Tech: Rhonda Clauss

Rhonda is one of our newest chiropractic assistants that you'll see when you get your recommended therapy in our office. She not only helps with the physical therapy modalites you might regularly receive, but also is our in-house X-Ray Technician that serves our radiological needs, when necessary, typically on your first visit and potentially periodic check-ups/needs as they arise. 

Rhonda is a long time resident of Crosby, Texas. She has a daughter and son-in-law that also live locally, as well as her mother, whom she adores and cares for, She enjoys spending time with family and friends and learning to do new things. She is known to be a hard worker, but is always ready to greet with a smile and let you know she cares too.


Billing Coordinator: Vicki Ennor

Vicki is a licensed CCMA and has been working in the medical field since 1987. She has worked in private practices, hospitals, and has had the privilege working with NASA and with the United States Coast Guard. Vicki and her husband live in Crosby, along with their daughters and three grandchildren whom they love dearly.  Vicki joined the Crosby Chiropractic Center in 2018 and enjoys working with the patients, getting to know them, and assisting in their care, particularly, on the financial side of things. Her office door is always open for any questions that you may have and help that you may need. In her time off she enjoys playing with her grandchildren, reading, writing and taking her pets out to the beach for long walks. Pop your head in her door and say "Hi" anytime.