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Why Is This Happening To Me?!

Posted: January 19, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

    I am often asked by people "Why is this happening to me?" or "Why all of a sudden am I having these symptoms?"

    In reality it is highly likely your present pain/symptoms have been progressing for longer than you can imagine. It is human nature to always want to know there is an immediate cause and effect for your symptoms. You want to know that you did something recently to cause what you are feeling now . You might think you slept wrong, moved wrong, picked up something wrong, sat in your chair wrong, did too much yard work, or you might say I didn't do anything, it just started, etc... The excuses are reasons are endless.

    Unless you have been in an accident, or have had considerable trauma recently, you problbly did not do anything. You see it wasn't what you did or did not do recently . Your body has probably been trying to compensate and adapt for something that happened a long time ago. Your body has done this incredible job of pulling off this compensation day after day, and year after year, until it could no longer adapt and compensate. So, when you don something slightly different, or go above and beyond what your body is used to, have incurred stress in your life,or jar your body even slightly, your body can no longer compensate or adapt as it has over the years and you end up with symptoms.... usually pain !

    98% of the cases I have been treating since 1980, usually have a cause that began long before there were any symptoms. Most of the time you really have not done anything recently to cause your symptoms. It was probably something that happened 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years ago. I know that can be hard to believe, but it's similar to someone who just had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Can you imagine the Doctor asking if they had eaten chicken fried steak last night, and if so, that was the cause of their heart attack? Well, we all know how silly that might sound. It wasn't the chicken fried steak they has last night, it was the poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and other unhealthy lifestyle habits that went on for years and years that caused the heart attack. Their heart was able to compensate and adapt for a long time until it reached a tipping point and was unable to continue to compensate. 

    It has been found that most fo the spinal problems we now have are the result of what we did when we were kids. As kids, most of us were naturally active and did some crazy stuff. By the time we survived our childhood we have had literally hundreds of falls, accidents, and bone jarring incidents that have caused our spine and pelvis to misalign or subluxate . It was these crazy and seemingly harmless incidents that we appeared to quickly recover from which started the problems and symptoms you now face. You see, your body found a way to compensate for all the childhood falls until too, like the heart attack victim, hit that tipping point . This situation is comparable to how your spine has compensated until you begin having symptoms.  

    Now is the time to commit to fixing the underlying cause of your problems so you can enjoy better health throughout your life. This scenario also raises the next question, which is: When would be the best time to have your spine checked for damaging misalignments called subluxations ? How about when you are a kid!

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