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Crosby-Huffman Highlands Tx We’ve Got Your Back!!!

Posted: October 19, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

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Crosby-Huffman, Highlands, Tx We’ve Got Your Back!!!

Whether it is challenging or prosperous times, who can you count on? Who’s got your back?

We all need help. Alone we are nothing. We need support physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of what we have accomplished in our lives was because people had our back. We are responsible for ourselves, but if we are honest with ourselves, for most things, we could not do it alone.

When it comes to your health care, does your doctor or team of doctors have your back? Do you trust that your health care providers will guide you in the right direction? Through this journey called life, are your doctors inspired to help you reach your health goals or do you feel they are just doing a job, going through the motions to get paid?

Here are a few characteristics of a doctor who truly has your back:

·         Their chief concern is for you being at your best.

·         They provide a healthy vision for the future.

·         They are not merely drug-pushers.

·         They empower you to make healthy choices.

·         They educate and inform you on your level.

·         They are a source of information when you have questions.

·         They present your options and are honest with you about expected outcomes.

·         They care about your family.

Does your current health care team have these traits?  You need two types of health care providers. One that helps in times of crisis and one that helps prevent a crisis from happening by optimizing the function of your mind and body. As Chiropractors we are there in times of crisis when it's necessary and can help in some of those cases, depending on the situation, as with soft tissue injury car accidents or conservative falls. And when we can't, we know where to refer you to for your needs. However, primarily we are there to stave off most major crises, like those "cricks" people often say they get "out of the blue" or after "sleeping wrong", or those situations where people fall to their knees from "throwing their back out." In most cases these are easily avoidable, and we can seriously help to optimize your health and usually prevent them from ever occurring. 

So if you are concerned with your health and doing all that you can for your body, then give us a call today to set up your appointment! Or if you are in the Crosby, Huffman, Baytown, Highland or Dayton areas feel free to stop on by for more information.


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