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Helping Huffman Tx. understand the difference between Acute and Chronic Pain

Posted: February 26, 2016
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

Acute injuries can occur from slips, falls, household chores, accidents, sports, trauma, car wrecks and work injuries to name a few. In extreme or life threatening cases, the injury could require the attention of paramedics or an emergency room physician and you should take this action step immediately.

However, many acute injuries such as strains, bruises, and whiplash can heal quickly with chiropractic care which helps the body to heal itself. Getting the nerve system healthy is an important first step towards beginning and optimizing the healing process. If the acute injury has a nerve and spinal component, and this component is not addressed, acute injuries can become chronic and affect your health for a lifetime.

Chronic injuries are those that cause discomfort and dis-ease over a long time causing deterioration in the spine and nervous system. This type of injury can lead to serious long-term health problems.

Chronic conditions may have been caused by an acute problem earlier on in life. You may have dismissed the original injury as no big deal. The pain has dissipated or been masked so the cause of the problem is now ignored.  We frequently see people in our practice who have deterioration of their spine and nervous system who may not be bothered by the pain any longer, but instead, they have conditions related to organs and systems that are beginning to malfunction. Over time and left uncorrected, these conditions can worsen.

Age is not the only factor in the seriousness of the chronic injury. Infants and children are just as likely to experience troublesome conditions as a 35 year old professional football player. It is not uncommon to see a child who had a traumatic birth develop asthma, allergies or headaches later on in life. Childhood falls while learning to walk or playing on the playground can come back to cause more serious conditions during or after a growth spurt.

You may be reading this after trying several medications and seeing more than one type of doctor for an acute or chronic condition.Chiropractic care may be just the thing your body needs to help you make a comeback to pre-injury health status or beyond.

Don’t let an acute injury become chronic, and don’t let a chronic injury limit your quality of life. A healthy spine and nervous system is vital to healing no matter what the condition or length of time you have had it. If you live in the Huffman, Highlands, Baytown, and Crosby area give us a call today before your condition becomes more chronic than it is right now. 

Helping the Crosby- Huffman Highlands and Surrounding Areas Create A Better Lifestyle Routine

Posted: February 10, 2016
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum


In a new pilot study performed by the Life University Research Department, Dr. Eric Plasker and The Family Practice, the data suggests very promising results relating to quality of life and length of time under chiropractic care.

Eleven clinics and more than 100 patients ranging from one to three years under care to more than 20 years under chiropractic care, show two trends worth noting. 

The first trend is that people under chiropractic care during their first three years showed a definite improvement in their overall health even beyond their initial complaint. In patients under care from three years to more than 20 years, the second trend takes the form of a leveling off effect - indicating that there was no decline in health with age.

This is an important finding as many advocates for lifetime chiropractic care have described how chiropractic care as a part of their lifestyle contributes to their quality of life and activity level as they age. 

Staying healthy is more important than ever as we are learning that we have a greater longevity potential than our parents and grandparents.

In fact, 100-year-old people are the world's fastest growing group and we are the first generation in history that is getting the advanced notice that whether we like it or not, we will probably live longer than we ever thought.

According to the New England Centenarian Study, “Health span equals lifespan…. Instead of the aging myth that the older you get, the sicker you get, it is much more the case of, the older you get, the healthier you've been”.[1] Staying healthy is more important than ever to ensure your quality of life as you age so that your health span matches your lifespan.

Too many people are crisis oriented when it comes to their health. As the study suggests, if you want to be healthy, make the critical transition from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care and make the health of your spine and nervous system a priority.

Take the next step and schedule your appointments today to get your spine checked. If you are near the Huffman, Highlands, Crosby, Baytown, or Dayton area, feel free to drop in/ call/ or visit our website to get more information. We look forward to helping you creat a better lifestyle care routine.