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Huffman Highlands and Crosby crossfit athletes keep your spine in line!!!

Posted: June 22, 2016
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

CrossFit is hot and getting hotter. It has become the next big thing on the workout scene finding its way on ESPN where the CrossFit Games have aired to find the fittest people on earth. CrossFit’s philosophy is that their workouts are high-intensity functional movements, constantly varied and filled with pushups, pull-ups, jump rope, Olympic-style lifting, box jumps, running, and tractor tire flips. These workouts push the human body to achieve the next level of fitness.

In the 2013 CrossFit Games the connection between Chiropractic and elite fitness was made apparent as 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Chiropractors, Dr. Devin Waterman and Dr. Brent Waterman of San Ramon, CA, teamed up to run the sports injury tent.

The majority of the top athletes at the games are under Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and many athletes lined up for their adjustments prior to competing.  They understand that if their spine and nervous system are not working properly they cannot perform at their best or recover as quickly for their next event.

CrossFit athletes who received chiropractic adjustments for the first time were inspired by the improvements in their performance while those already under care wanted to ensure their competitive edge.

Northern California CrossFit regional athlete Dusty Sulon, AKA “the Dark Knight” gets checked for vertebral subluxations once a week not because he has to but because he understands the importance of a properly functioning spine and nervous system. He states, “I owe many of my personal records to Chiropractic Care.” Many CrossFit athletes nationwide feel the same way.

Dr. Kristin Dominguez of Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead, another 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate office, is involved in the CrossFit community in Atlanta and takes care of many of the athletes at gyms and competitions. As a competitor herself, Dr. Dominguez understands firsthand the importance of a healthy spine and nerve system. Dr. Bruce Salzinger, owner of Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead, leads by example staying fit and well-adjusted into his 60s.

CrossFit workouts test the strength and mobility of the human frame and in doing so can place excessive stress on the body. Athletes learn their physical weaknesses quickly and often look for professional help to keep them strong. The spine is used for loading and setting up the extremities for proper biomechanics. The nervous system is the brain’s connection to muscles, tissues and cells.

CrossFitters and elite athletes in all sports understand that the health of both the spine and nervous system are vital and are directly connected to their performance. No wonder so many people in the CrossFit community have embraced chiropractic care.

These athletes understand that performance is about Lifestyle Care not Crisis Care. They care for their body like a race car. It doesn’t only get serviced when it is broken down. Before it is pushed to the limits everything is checked and adjusted so it can perform well on the track.  However, unlike a race car that can have all of its parts replaced over time, you only have one spine and nervous system for a lifetime. Crossfitters in the Huffman, Crosby, Highlands and Baytown area are keeping fit at their box and keeping their spines healthy with Crosby Chiropractic Center.

Top 10 Reasons Crosby - Tx should not wait to check your spine!

Posted: March 16, 2016
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

10. The straw will break the camel’s back

We’ve all heard the expression “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” This is true for too many people who ignore minor spinal problems. One day they do something silly, like bend down to tie their shoe and they can’t get up. Major problems are much more painful and expensive to care for, and they can ruin your life forever.

 9. The times that you need your spine the most will be the time that it will tend to give out on you

If you neglect your spine, you can be sure that when you need it the most due to stress, physical activity, business travel, vacation or even a big game, it might give out on you. Extra stress on a weak spine and nervous system can overload it during your most important life events. Regular adjustments as a part of your lifestyle can keep you healthy and prevent these inconvenient episodes from putting a damper on your life.

8. Nerve pressure can exist without pain

According to the research, pain is not a good indicator of how healthy or unhealthy your spine is. Spinal examinations such as posture, weight balance, palpation, muscle testing, computer scans and x-rays are much better indicators. Pain is usually the last to show up and the first to be relieved when you begin chiropractic care.

 7. Nerves supply your whole body

Your spine protects your nerve system, the master control center of your body. Vital energy flows over your nerves and communications with every cell. Nerve pathways must be clear for the messages to get through. If you have an uncorrected spinal problem, it can cause a decrease in the function of vital organs and systems, and lead to severe problems.

6. Deterioration can begin within 2 weeks

The birth process is often when the first spinal injury occurs. Think about how many two weeks have passed since you were born. Researchers found that when the spine is misaligned it can begin to deteriorate within 2 weeks. How many two weeks are there from a childhood fall to age 50? Is it any wonder why more than 15 million people are diagnosed with osteoarthritis each year?

5. Grandma and Grandpa didn’t get crooked overnight. They grew that way over time

This goes along with number 6. Over time, the spine and nervous system deteriorates, not because of age, but because of subluxations. Just like the tires on your car wear down unevenly when they are misaligned, the same can happen in your spine. You may have some areas in your spine that look like they are 80 years old while you have other areas that are more like a 30 year old. You can keep your entire spine healthy longer with chiropractic Lifestyle Care.

4. Your quality of life depends on a healthy spine

If you want to be healthy and active as you age, your spine and nervous system must be healthy. Period.

3. Good posture keeps you young and attractive

When your body becomes bent over and crooked, you will look and feel old and decrepit. If you keep your posture and your spine straight and strong, you will stay healthy, young and attractive. Many people attempt to use facelifts to preserve their youthful appearance as they age. A facelift would look silly on a person whose spine was neglected.

2. You can’t afford to get sick or injured

Now more than ever, you cannot afford to get sick. Crisis care costs are astronomical and an unhealthy spine and nervous system can be the cause of so many problems.

 1. Because your Chiropractor cares

Crosby don’t wait until you have intense pain and suffering to get checked by Dr. Rosenbaum. Make an appointment today!

Helping Huffman Tx. understand the difference between Acute and Chronic Pain

Posted: February 26, 2016
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

Acute injuries can occur from slips, falls, household chores, accidents, sports, trauma, car wrecks and work injuries to name a few. In extreme or life threatening cases, the injury could require the attention of paramedics or an emergency room physician and you should take this action step immediately.

However, many acute injuries such as strains, bruises, and whiplash can heal quickly with chiropractic care which helps the body to heal itself. Getting the nerve system healthy is an important first step towards beginning and optimizing the healing process. If the acute injury has a nerve and spinal component, and this component is not addressed, acute injuries can become chronic and affect your health for a lifetime.

Chronic injuries are those that cause discomfort and dis-ease over a long time causing deterioration in the spine and nervous system. This type of injury can lead to serious long-term health problems.

Chronic conditions may have been caused by an acute problem earlier on in life. You may have dismissed the original injury as no big deal. The pain has dissipated or been masked so the cause of the problem is now ignored.  We frequently see people in our practice who have deterioration of their spine and nervous system who may not be bothered by the pain any longer, but instead, they have conditions related to organs and systems that are beginning to malfunction. Over time and left uncorrected, these conditions can worsen.

Age is not the only factor in the seriousness of the chronic injury. Infants and children are just as likely to experience troublesome conditions as a 35 year old professional football player. It is not uncommon to see a child who had a traumatic birth develop asthma, allergies or headaches later on in life. Childhood falls while learning to walk or playing on the playground can come back to cause more serious conditions during or after a growth spurt.

You may be reading this after trying several medications and seeing more than one type of doctor for an acute or chronic condition.Chiropractic care may be just the thing your body needs to help you make a comeback to pre-injury health status or beyond.

Don’t let an acute injury become chronic, and don’t let a chronic injury limit your quality of life. A healthy spine and nervous system is vital to healing no matter what the condition or length of time you have had it. If you live in the Huffman, Highlands, Baytown, and Crosby area give us a call today before your condition becomes more chronic than it is right now. 

Helping the Crosby- Huffman Highlands and Surrounding Areas Create A Better Lifestyle Routine

Posted: February 10, 2016
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum


In a new pilot study performed by the Life University Research Department, Dr. Eric Plasker and The Family Practice, the data suggests very promising results relating to quality of life and length of time under chiropractic care.

Eleven clinics and more than 100 patients ranging from one to three years under care to more than 20 years under chiropractic care, show two trends worth noting. 

The first trend is that people under chiropractic care during their first three years showed a definite improvement in their overall health even beyond their initial complaint. In patients under care from three years to more than 20 years, the second trend takes the form of a leveling off effect - indicating that there was no decline in health with age.

This is an important finding as many advocates for lifetime chiropractic care have described how chiropractic care as a part of their lifestyle contributes to their quality of life and activity level as they age. 

Staying healthy is more important than ever as we are learning that we have a greater longevity potential than our parents and grandparents.

In fact, 100-year-old people are the world's fastest growing group and we are the first generation in history that is getting the advanced notice that whether we like it or not, we will probably live longer than we ever thought.

According to the New England Centenarian Study, “Health span equals lifespan…. Instead of the aging myth that the older you get, the sicker you get, it is much more the case of, the older you get, the healthier you've been”.[1] Staying healthy is more important than ever to ensure your quality of life as you age so that your health span matches your lifespan.

Too many people are crisis oriented when it comes to their health. As the study suggests, if you want to be healthy, make the critical transition from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care and make the health of your spine and nervous system a priority.

Take the next step and schedule your appointments today to get your spine checked. If you are near the Huffman, Highlands, Crosby, Baytown, or Dayton area, feel free to drop in/ call/ or visit our website to get more information. We look forward to helping you creat a better lifestyle care routine.

Calming Digestive Stress

Posted: December 30, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

Digestive stress is a frequent visitor in many households during the holidays. Diets change, as do sleep and work habits. People will blame these lifestyle changes for the digestive stress they are experiencing, and while this can be partially true, there often is an underlying cause in the spine and nervous system. 
How can this be? Simple…

The nervous system controls your digestion and every other function of your body. A vertebral subluxation or a spinal injury that interferes with the normal function of your nervous system in the area that is responsible for healthy digestion can cause many types of digestive stress.

A case study in 2003, published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, revealed that a 32-year old female patient had her chronic condition of colitis relieved when subluxation was detected. Another case study from the same source reported that of 17 Crohn’s disease patients who received spinal adjustments, 12 showed long-term and stable remission. The findings concluded that vertebral subluxation is a common and characteristic finding in patients with Crohn’s disease and allergies.

In another published case study, a young woman had been afflicted with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, symptoms once or twice a week for five years. After one adjustment, she noticed an easing of symptoms and within a short time all of her digestive problems disappeared. When the report was published two years later, she was still symptom free. 

Many people deal with stress through deep breathing, meditation, exercise and healthy food choices. These are all very good things to do as part of your lifestyle to counter-balance stress, but if your nervous system is pre-stressed from subluxations, the slightest deviation from the “perfect” stress management plan can send you into a frustrating, uncomfortable, or painful digestive tailspin. 

Research shows that it only takes the weight of a dime to reduce nerve transmission. Additional research has found that nerve compression can exist without pain and can cause deterioration within two weeks. In this pre-stressed condition, your body becomes more vulnerable to outside stresses while other people who are subluxation free may be much more resistant to stress. 

Crisis care is one way to deal with stress by only receiving chiropractic care when you are hurt. A better option is to make the critical transition to Lifestyle Care, keeping your nerve system healthy all the time. This will help you to stress less, live more, and enjoy the quality of life you deserve! If you are in the Crosby, Huffman, Dayton, Baytown and Highlands areas give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

Concussion Movie and Reality

Posted: December 18, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum


The Concussion movie starring Will Smith and Alec Baldwin is raising awareness and important concerns for many victims of this misunderstood condition. If you are, or know, an athlete or accident victim who has experienced a brain injury through concussion, then you know the impact it can have on health and quality of life. Headaches, neck pain, memory loss and depression are just a few of the many symptoms that can occur and the severity can range from mild to severe.

We recommend Chiropractic care as an important part of the care that you receive as quickly as possible after a concussion injury occurs. Topics in Integrative Healthcare recently released a report regarding SRC (sports-related concussion) and the benefits of chiropractic care for the injury. “A short course of cervical manipulation (adjustments) and upper thoracic manipulation was suggested and applied.  The patient noted significant symptomatic relief after the second treatment and virtually complete resolution of symptoms after 5 visits performed over 2 weeks.” Unfortunately, there are a high number of young athletes that do not seek care who experience longer periods of impairment and delay in their return to play.

There are many chiropractic techniques to help accelerate healing of a concussion injury. These techniques analyze how the brain is communicating with the body over the nervous system and make corrections to get the brain and body functioning better. 

An examination of the neck is extremely important for patients who suffer from concussions. If you have received a trauma that is hard enough to injure your head and brain, it’s likely to also have caused injury to the neck. Depending on the extent and severity of the injury, results vary for each person. Regardless, it is important to include chiropractic evaluation and adjustment protocols to ensure the possibility of optimal healing and return to normal function.

Each year, 1.6 – 3.8 million sports-related brain injuries occur, 136,000 of them in young athletes during high school sports 1. Traditional methods alone can limit the possibilities of healing and delay return to normal function.

If you or a loved one has had a concussion, schedule a time to get your spine and nervous system checked by us at Crosby Chiropractic Center. You will optimize its function to heal beginning today while you also strengthen yourself in case of an emergency down the road. Everyone in the Crosby, Dayton, Baytown, Huffman and Highlands area give us a call today or stop in to get your appointment!!

A New Way of Aging

Posted: November 30, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

Many people have anxiety about aging. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a declining phase of life.” However, today’s pre-centenarians and post-centenarians are reinventing our notion of aging. Like former U.S. President George H. Bush who celebrated his 70th birthday by going skydiving, many seniors are pushing the limits of their Innate potential and loving every minute of it, realizing that they have plenty of time left to live their life!

Today’s centenarians are teaching us that growing older is not a one-way ticket to deterioration and inactivity. They are showing us a new way of aging that is full of excitement and opportunity if you combine the right attitude with the right actions.

How do you feel about your life experience so far? Are you excited about your present and future? Would a change of personal habits, residence, relationships, career, health, or finances improve your level of happiness and prosperity? Will the choices you make today enable you to look back with no regrets when you are 80, 90 or 100?

You know the things you need to change. “Yes,” you say, “I know it is easier to be fit than fat. I know it is easier to be solvent than bankrupt. I know it is better to be in love than alone.” What are you doing with what you know? Don’t you think it’s time to stop just thinking about it and to start acting on change? You do have time to turn things around and take things to the next level. 

Begin living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle today starting with your next choice. Think progress, not perfection and catch yourself with every thought and every action to live your best life everyday starting now. If you are in the Crosby, Huffman, Baytown, Highlands and Dayton areas give our office a call today and schedule your appointment with the Chiropractor. 

Fitness tips to stress less!

Posted: November 25, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

There is an acronym for Fitness that will ensure you Stress Less, Live More, stay healthy and on top of your game. The acronym takes the word Fitness and uses the N2ESS as follows:

N: Neurology – Stress is a nervous system reaction that can affect your entire body. Your brain and nervous system control and coordinate everything: your heart, digestion, breathing, hormones and muscles. A healthy nervous system is essential in adapting to stress.

N: Nutrition - Good nutrition is important for your body to be healthy. Quality calories come from live foods such as fruits, vegetables, quality proteins and whole grains. They are nutritionally satisfying because they contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids that are the building blocks of a healthy body. Choose organic or chemical free options. Both empty and excess calories will lead to sickness, low energy, obesity and chronic health problems. Empty calories come from foods such as white sugar, white flour and proccessed foods.

E: Endurance – Exercise can help your body cope with stress in a healthy way. If you have good endurance, you will enjoy a greater sense of stamina now and while you age. Your energy will be higher and you will feel like staying active.You will be able to endure stressful times. You can increase your stamina through cardiovascular and aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart, burns calories and increases your energy.

S: Strength – Your level of strength will determine your ability to remain active and independent as you age. Through regular strength training with a personal trainer or on your own, you can build muscle and stand strong, no matter how many birthdays you celebrate. The saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” is definitely true when it comes to strength. Free weights, functional training machines, Pilates and Yoga are all examples of exercises that build your strength.

S: Structure – If your body breaks down at the onset of a new fitness routine, there may be an underlying cause in your structure and spine, such as subluxations. You may experience pain and injuries that become nagging to severe. It can also keep you from getting results.A Chiropractic examination can reveal underlying problems.

If you want to be fit for the long haul, all five of the fitness components are important. Just like your adjustments to keep your spine healthy. If you are near the Crosby, Highlands, Baytown, Huffman or Dayton area please feel free to give us a call or stop in the office today to get you on the path to great health!

Health and Longevity of Children Threatened by Lifestyle Choices

Posted: November 16, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum


According to the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, 50 % of the babies born since the year 2000 are expected to live over the age of 100. Additional research is concerned that our current generation of children may be the first in recent history to see their life expectancy go down.

How can this be? Doesn’t it seem like a contradiction to see so many children living longer while their overall life expectancy goes down?  The answer is sad yet simple in that the other 50 % of children are expected to die younger and sicker than ever, not because of their genetics, but because of unhealthy lifestyle choices.

It is not rocket science to understand the connection between lifestyle choices, quality of life and longevity. A healthy life requires a lifestyle that includes healthy food, exercise, strong social circles and a healthy spine and nervous system (all are part of The 100 Year Lifestyle) as well as avoiding destructive habits such as smoking and excessive stress. On the other hand, a 50 to 60 year lifestyle includes unhealthy eating with excessive sugar, calories, sitting, lack of exercise and an unhealthy spine and nervous system.

Are you raising your children to live a 60 year lifestyle or a 100 Year Lifestyle? You will often hear people say as they get older, after they are diagnosed with diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, that “these diseases run in my family.” While there is a genetic component to these conditions, it is actually a small component. These diseases are mostly lifestyle diseases. Based on the lifestyle in which your children are being raised, they are either inheriting the lifestyle habits that contribute to a 60 year lifestyle or they are inheriting the lifestyle habits that contribute to a healthy, active, positive, productive 100 years and beyond.

If you have not been healthy and you are ready for a change, it is not too late for you. Many people who have lived from crisis to crisis have become tired of this roller coaster ride. Because of the amazing ability of your body to adapt and heal, it is never too late to take care of your spine and nerve system and adjust your lifestyle. 

Begin shopping in stores that sell organic food. Fill up your shopping cart with fresh fruits and vegetables, quality meats and whole grains. Avoid foods like cookies, cakes and cereals that are high in sugar and avoid white flour whenever possible. 

Turn off the TV and the video games and get outside with your family for walks or bike rides. Go to the gym and to your chiropractor together. 

In 1903, Thomas Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." The future is now. Do your part by making 100 Year Lifestyle choices so you and your children are healthier today and can enjoy good health and a sensational century now and for 100 years. If you are in the Crosby, Huffman, Baytown, Highlands or Dayton area give us a call today and schedule your visit for the Chiropractor! 

Super Athletes and Chiropractic

Posted: November 9, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Players from both teams will be receiving chiropractic care to help them heal quickly and optimize the function of their spine and nervous system. This care will help the athletes perform at their highest level in the biggest game of their lives. In fact, players from all four championship teams and nearly every professional sports team are utilizing chiropractic care to get the competitive edge. 

Current Hall of Famers Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice, the greatest players ever at their positions, are also huge chiropractic advocates. Emmitt Smith is the leading rusher in NFL history. A perennial Pro Bowler and three time Super Bowl Champion when he retired with over 18,000 yards, Smith said, "I thank God,  for my family and my chiropractor." Chiropractic care not only helped him heal quickly from injuries but he also used chiropractic care as a part of his lifestyle and training regime to keep him functioning at the top of his game. 

Jerry Rice is considered the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL. His durability and work ethic is legendary. He initially sought chiropractic care because of a crisis after being injured on the field. After learning about the benefits of Chiropractic Lifestyle Care from his teammates he made chiropractic care a regular part of his training routine and lifestyle. He is a three time Super Bowl Champion and today he is an official spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. 

Another chiropractic advocate, 2012 Hall of Fame Semi-finalist Roger Craig, was a pioneer in the NFL. He is the only player to ever make the Pro Bowl as a fullback and a halfback, the first player to rush and receive for over 1,000 yards in a single season – a feat that took fourteen years to be duplicated, and he is the only running back in NFL history to ever lead the league in receptions. He is a three time Super Bowl Champion and is the only NFL player to make the playoffs for eleven straight years. 

Like many children, Roger began receiving chiropractic care at an early age and today, like the others, still receives chiropractic Lifestyle Care. In fact, Roger endorsed the #1 bestselling fitness book, The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout, which he recommends for every athlete young and old because it stresses the importance of a healthy structure, spine and nervous system with chiropractic care as a core part of the training. This balanced fitness plan teaches athletes to Get Your ESS in Shape, Endurance, Strength and Structure to help you maximize your performance, prevent injuries and support your longevity. 

All three of these athletes took a tremendous beating over their careers which began in little league and continued into the pros. Chiropractic care as a part of their lifestyle, training and overcoming injuries has helped show the world that you can play high level sports and retain your health after you retire. You may even compete on Dancing With The Stars! 

We've all seen videos of old time professional athletes who pounded their bodies into submission and became cripples when their career was over. This is not true for these three athletic superstars and it is no longer the norm as many professional, Olympic and youth sports programs have chosen to make chiropractic care a core part of their programs and many of the leaders of the Olympic sports medicine team today are chiropractors. 

Don't wait for a crisis to force you to act. Even our young athletes near the Crosby, Huffman, Highland and Baytown areas that participate in an exercise program, can benefit from taking care of their spine and nerve system like these Hall of Fame and Super Bowl Champions. Give Crosby Chiropractic Center a call today to set up your appointment!