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10 Tips for Better Sleep

Posted: August 31, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

10 Tips for Better Sleep

It’s tim e we opened our eyes to the importance of good, restful sleep. It’s easy to think of sleep the way we do about charging our phones—just keeping enough of a charge to make it through the day. But if you want to operate at peak performance, you need to monitor the  quality  of your sleep. Here are some helpful hints for making the most of your resting hours:

1.      Do not disturb

Dedicate your work or TV time to other rooms in your home. Defining your bedroom as a place reserved only for sleep, relaxation and intimacy will help you fall asleep when you want to more quickly and easily.

2.      Don’t read on a backlit screen

The backlit screen of a tablet or laptop can actually suppress the melatonin that helps you fall asleep. Dim the backlighting on your devices or read a book, magazine, or listen to an audiobook.

3.      Limit light in the evening

Darkness lets your body know it’s time to go to sleep. Limit your light intake before you go to bed. If you wake up during the night to use the bathroom, consider using a nightlight instead of turning on the overhead lights.

4.      Nap responsibly

There’s nothing like a nap when you need one, but be wary of napping too late in the afternoon as it can disrupt your ability to fall asleep at bedtime.

5.      Breathe deeply

Don’t let the struggle to fall asleep keep you awake. Try deep breathing exercises to help you relax and fall asleep naturally. They may seem difficult at first, but over time you’ll find you become able to fall asleep on command.

6.      Limit caffeine intake

Caffeine affects your sleep long after the buzz wears off. When you feel yourself growing tired at work, get up and move around a bit. Instead of reaching for the coffee in the afternoon, drink some water. You’ll find this pays dividends when bedtime comes around.

7.      Calm your nerves

Chiropractic adjustments can calm your body and your nervous system and help remove stress from your spine. This can help you enjoy the peaceful sleep you need and want.

8.      Be complete

If you have a lot of projects going, try finishing these projects before you turn in, if at all possible. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Don't put off tomorrow what can be done today." This will help your mind let go.

9.      Exercise regularly

If you don’t already have an exercise routine, try doing some kind of exercise every other day for a week. Pay attention to your quality of sleep on those days, the results will be enough to get you into a routine.

10.    Avoid alcohol before bed

While it may feel like a drink helps you fall asleep, alcohol limits your ability to stay asleep through the night.


So along with good restful sleep, remember to come in an get your adjustment. Its like a one-two punch for your optimum health. If you live anywhere near the Crosby, Highland, Huffman, Dayton or Baytown areas feel free to stop on by as we accept walk-ins.

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Get Your Kids Back on Track

Posted: August 17, 2015
By: Dr Rob Rosenbaum

School is about to begin which means that families are gearing up for busy schedules, homework, after school activities and the hectic pace of our 21st century lifestyles. To insure that your child has a healthy and successful year, it will be important to have their back aligned, balanced and on track. 

Every activity affects the spine. Contact sports, playing an instrument, sitting, studying, and paying attention in class are all important for a successful school year and they all require a healthy spine and nervous system. When your child is sitting in class listening to a teacher, they listen through their ears, process the information in their brain, and a signal is sent down their spine to their fingers so that they can write their notes which they will later study. If a child is playing an instrument, the instructor often tells them to sit up straight. A healthy spine with good alignment and nerve supply is essential to performance in the classroom and activities. 

When we watch our kids participating in sports, we often cringe at the intense beating that their spines take when they are hit by another person or twisted through their activities. Keeping their spine aligned and balanced is crucial for them to be able to enjoy a healthy and successful year and have a healthy spine for a lifetime. 

Children make 775,000 visits to the emergency room each year because of sports-related injuries. Every 2 and a half minutes a child is injured on a playground. 150,000 kids are treated in the emergency room for football injuries. These injuries are often accompanied by trauma to the child’s developing spine and nervous system. More than 40 Million students carry school backpacks. Frequently more and more textbooks and supplies are required, meaning increased weight. Backpacks that are too heavy or worn incorrectly can injure your child’s back, neck and shoulders, which can lead to other health problems. 

Heavy backpacks, playground and sports injuries can cause non-structural or functional scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine that typically appears in early adolescence. This type of scoliosis develops as a result of misalignment and pressure on the spine and nerve system. Functional scoliosis can often be corrected by addressing the underlying condition through chiropractic care. Kids can injure their spine and remain symptom free until later on in life when the damage becomes more permanent. This, too, can be avoided with regular chiropractic care. 

British medical researchers have found through MRI technology that nearly 10% of children show signs of disc degeneration before reaching puberty. 

Disc degeneration is a condition in which a damaged spinal disc wears down unevenly causing pressure on the nerves and limiting activity levels, stamina, and quality of life as we age. We tend to think of disc degeneration as a sign that we are getting older but this is not true. It is a sign that the spine has been injured which can happen at any age. 

There are so many things to do to prepare for the upcoming school year. As you make your list remember to make an appointment for a “School’s Back” Spinal Exam. This simple examination can determine if your child’s spine is on track or off track. So if you're in the Crosby, Dayton, or Highlands areas be sure you call our office at 281-328-5544 before things get too hectic!  Chiropractic care can keep your child’s spine and nerve system healthy and insure your best school year ever. Get them started on the right track today!

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